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Funding Approved
Some great news, we have received $30,000 of funding from the Canterbury Community Trust for our new sewage system.  Thanks to Nick Moore for all his work in putting the application together.
Membership fee increase 30th June
As of 30th June we will be increasing the one off joining fee from $500 to $680. So if you're keen on joining up get in quick before the price goes up. Just e-mail Sarah Moulder at and she'll send you the application form.


Recent Events

There was lots of fun and frivolity at the Induction Weekend and Mountain Feast held 26 June 2010.  Thanks Alex, Nick, Euan and Ian for organising the cooking groups. Thanks Dave for wonderful Sprig and Fern beer. It was very windy on the ridge so unfortunately less families than expected. Thanks to Ian Goldschmidt for carrying out the induction.

The Induction Weekend held 27 February 2010 was a great success.  The weather was perfect and six families attended.  Thanks to Nick Moore for carrying out the induction.

A great time was had by all at the Induction Weekend held 16 January 2010. Despite the warm sunny weather in Nelson, it was very windy on the ridge all day Saturday. This is a good reminder that it is essential for all people walking up Mt Robert to be fully prepared for extreme weather conditions no matter what season. Ian Goldschmidt explained how to keep the huts safe and operational in a fun and easy to comprehend manner. The Mt Robert Procedure Manual is in depth and easy to understand. There is only one copy - on the mountain with the intention being that it will be updated there as and when it needs to be. It is important that all members check this manual regularly and add any additions or alterations to it. There are also laminated instructions next to all of the pieces of equipment - e.g. gas water heaters, generator, water systems so that members can refer to them for step-by-step instructions when turning on upon arrival and when turning off upon departure. If you have been induced but still don't feel confident following the instructions on you own please don't hesitate to ask another member to go through it again with you. Thanks Ian for taking the time to set the procedure manual up so carefully. A lists was made of essential items needing to be carried up next time. Teaspoons, milk powder, tea bags…. It was suggested that a work party was required as some pieces of flashing/corrugated iron have worked themselves loose in the windy weather. Simon Beatson got on the roof on Sunday and reattached some of the loose pieces that had been keeping us awake in the night. Thanks Simon. Looking at options for solar lighting so that the generator doesn't have to be turned on was also discussed.

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